Who Invented Exams

Who invented exams, the man who invented the exams

According to many sources, sir Henry Fischel was the first person who invented exams in late 19th century. 
Sir Henry Fischel was a professor in Indiana university.
Who invented exams ? The answer of this question is – sir Henry Fischel invented the exams.

Why Henry Fischel invented the exams

As, he was the professor in the university of Indiana, so he always thought that students studies whole year, and next year passed to another class. 
But there is nothing which can prove, whether his students are studying properly or not.
So, to examine them sir Henry Fischel invented exams.

What students thinks about exams

Mainly students thinks that exams are waste of time, but this is not a good thinking. Exams helps us to know whether we are hardworking properly or not.
But, I agree that our education system and our parents old thinkings and pressure make this very complex.
Due to this students treat exams as an evil, I am also a student and I am also suffering from all these things.
Always remember, number in exams doesn’t matter, your hardwork and consistency matters alot.

What students thinks about inventor of exams

I observed many students, are not happy with exams and the inventor of exams.
They all curse inventor of exams, but this is not good. He invented exams, to check who is hardworking and who are not.
Students thinks exams are evils, this thinking of students came into existence due to our society because our society needs perfect marks in all subjects, they think he/she must score high in every subject.
But our education system is also involved in making such type of thinking in student mind.
So please don’t think bad about exams and the inventor of exams. Just do hardwork and make your future bright.

Why exams are necessary

Exams indicates person’s intelligence and IQ.
They are necessary because by this student can know how much he need to work hard.
They are important because it helps to find talent of students or to check in which field he/she is good or in which he/she need to do more hard work.
Exams helps us to know what we all learned during a years or it help us to understand the growth of student during a year.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding inventor of exams.

1. Who is the inventor of exams ?

Henry Fischel is known as the inventor of exams.

2. Why he invented exams ?

He invented exams to test his students, and their hard work.

3. Are exams are good for students ?

Yes, exams are totally good for students because exam tells students their level and hardwork.

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